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Official Publications

IEEE Recommended Practice for Assessing the Impact of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems on Human Well-Being Abstract
Rumors of the demise of augmented reality developers have been greatly exaggerated (Narrator: "The Rumors were true")
Facebook's AR Studio Blows the Market Wide Open (Narrator: "It actually didn't")
What it's going to take for AR to take over the world

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Public Talks

"So You Think You Are Ready for AI? (2020)" YouTube
"Supercharging the Software Factory (Panel) (2019)" YouTube
"Mornings with Maria Bartiromo, November 10th (2017)" YouTube


10757400, Near eye wavefront emulating display, Granted August 25, 2020
20180189974A1 Machine Learning Based Model Localization System, Filed Feb 23, 2018

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