Synth Setup Part 1

I decided to start actually making music after 20 years of just editing and DJ'ing. I realized that in order to make the music I wanted, I needed to get a keyboard synthesizer, but I didn't know where to start.

I had a chance conversation with a semi-pro musician and he said “Just go to Guitar Center and play around with the synths.” So that's what I did.

A day later I had a $230 used microKorg.

In order to effectively use this to make music, I realized after playing with it, that I needed a sampler and recorder. Instead of buying new hardware, I figured there were probably good software samplers, so the next step was to feed my Korg to my computer. However modern laptops don't have sound cards that you can plug a 3.5mm into like I used to have on my desktop. I assumed that would be with a MIDI out to USB controller, but that wasn't the case, turns out you need a USB audio interface.

So I bought the entry level Focusrite Scarlett Solo.

I also re-downloaded Audacity for the millionth time, which is a great open source music editor. The Scarlett Solo comes with some free sample packs and things so I think those will be interesting to play around with.

This is what the whole setup looks like: