Environment Model Alignment

If we assume that humans sense-model-plan-act, then it would be safe to assume that where senses are the same, eg. places where people experience the same actions or events, should result in a similar model. In fact that often doesn't seem to be the case.

There are 7 billion different models for how the world works. How much similarity is there between the different models of how the world works? What fills in the gaps matters perhaps. I think of this concept of noble lies filling in truly unknown, or unknowable questions, such that there is commonality is important.

Maybe there is such a thing as a whole person intelligence test. A Maze, mechanical puzzles, eliciting information, active listening, make a song, recreate an image, describe a fundamental concept. How would you make it generalizable or scalable? The longer is goes, the more granular, and maybe more intelligent?