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Constructed Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (aka Sloppy grilled cheese)


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  1. Heat oven to low broil
  2. Heat tomato sauce on med-low in a flat pan pan wide enough to accomidate bread width
  3. Add salt, black pepper and white pepper to sauce and cover
  4. Butter a flat baking pan and place bread on pan
  5. Cover both sides with shredded cheese mix
  6. Broil until cheese and bread are dark brown, almost burned
  7. Construct slices with cheese in middle
  8. Place sandwich in Tomato Sauce Pan for 20 seconds
  9. Flip Sandwich with tongs and soak other side for 20 seconds
  10. Plate and sprinkle with Parsley
  11. Eat with Fork and Knife

    Copyright (c) 2021 Andrew Kemendo