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Sept 9, 2022

At a certain point in life I think I will want to "checkpoint" myself and preserve that version of myself as a simulacrum that other people can interact with that can also learn in perpetuity. I am quite certain this would not be "me" or any kind of mind uploading or anything spooky. However my guess is that it would be close enough for my family or anyone for that matter to interact with me the way I was before I died - my kids and grandkids will be able to text, call and video chat with an acknowledged simulation of me forever ideally.

I believe this will be possible by constraining the majority of my interactions with others to the medium to remote video + voice for the last few years of my life. By then I anticipate that we will have practically perfected gross "Observational Learning" as well as synthetic video and audio generation. That will allow me to simply just interact with people as I normally would (remote video) while building the corpus of myself both passively and actively so that the transition is seamless.

I just hope some organization figures out how to do that, and host it forever ...

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